Written By: Kaylena Dornes

January 3, 2017

Throughout my childhood, I was always outspoken and open minded about exploring happiness and success. Growing up in an economically disadvantaged community, I did not come across many people whose ambitions were to be successful. Many of the people became content with struggling through their poverty. They had no motivation to strive for better which caused them to settle for their hardships. In my community, stunting your educational growth was the norm. In my mind, I knew that I had to distance myself from people who had no desire to succeed. I wanted to experience things that would help me develop and grow into a stronger individual. Growing up in an unmotivated culture gave me the determination to accomplish all of my educational and career goals. I strongly believe that I must take advantage of educational opportunities to assist others through their hardships.
As a third year college student, I have been able to participate in several leadership, academic, and volunteer opportunities within my campus and community. Throughout all of these experiences, I have been exposed to some of the most intelligent men and women across the world. As a result of this exposure, it has constantly encouraged me to want to be successful in whatever goal or task I am given to accomplish. I am constantly studying the behaviors, actions, and attitudes of some of the most successful people in the world that have went onto become political leaders, advocates for the people, and philanthropists. I passionately desire to become successful like these individuals and change the world in a positive way to benefit several communities across the globe. Which is why I have continued to give back and inspire others within my campus and community since I began my college journey at Angelo State University.
My main goal as a person is to positively impact the lives of others that I come in contact with. I yearn to make a difference in others’ lives because it allows me to accomplish my personal goals by being able to give back to someone else in need. Throughout my lifetime, I hope to become a self-empowered woman that provides others with opportunities to succeed within their personal, academic, and career paths. This explains why I set high expectations for myself to excel through any challenge I am given. I refuse to allow myself to quit or lose resiliency on my ultimate life goals because if I give up I would lose the opportunity of being able to assist others in their pursuit of happiness.