My personal story with God

Written By: Tariq L Hopkins

January 6, 2017

My personal story with God is very unique, and I am thankful for it. As a little kid me, my brother, and my mom would go to church on Sundays, but I was never enthusiastic about going. I would constantly goof off in church, play video games, sleep, draw, etc to pass the time until we were released. My mom tried always to get me excited about church, because we were very involved in it. I went to Sunday school, I went to youth group over the summer, I did lots of activities that involved the church, but I could never be enthusiastic about any of it. I didn’t like going to church. I was always ready to get out. I use to take twenty mins in the bathroom to make the time go by faster. I did not like going to church, and it got worst and worst for me. My lowest and most significant point came at the beginning of eight grade year. I was at the point where I started to question God’s existence. I didn’t want to, and I was scared of the question because up until then I still prayed every night, but the amount of my friends who I had known as Christians turning away from God’s light went up, and that began to have an effect on me. I didn’t want to question it, but the subject kept coming back up. Then in the middle of October my mom had a stroke, and ended up in the hospital. I had no idea if she was going to live for hours. I saw her a week later, and I felt really bad. I remember praying to God all while she was in the hospital because that’s the only being I could think to turn to. I prayed that my mom would survive, recover, and come home soon. She was home in 5 months. She steadily recovered for months, and I have seen her grow and improve. I was so thankful to God because I believe that he saved her. The doctors had doubts that she would survive, but she did. I was devastated by my mom’s stroke. I cried myself to sleep for many nights. I am thankful for it though because it reestablished my faith in Jesus. My entire life changed after eighth grade. I had to take care of my mom, and I still continue to this day, but I have become more enthusiastic about Christ, and thankful for all the sacrifices he has made, and all the blessings I received even as a lost soul. My mom has made greater strides in Independence, and as of August of 2016 I have been regularly attending church again by my own will. I am enthusiastic about church now, I enjoy going and learning about the Bible and it’s teachings. A seemingly devastating event in my life has had some positive consequences regarding my faith and trust, and I am very thankful for it reestablishing my belief in God.