God’s Daily Grace

Written By: Rebecca Dulgarian

January 2, 2017

Grace is love and God’s gift of grace is one that can be tangibly felt and shared. As an imperfect daughter of God, my life has been blessed with moments where God’s grace is undeniable. It has been more than a feeling of warmth and comfort. It has been in acts of service, an answer to a prayer, a gift, and moment of clarity. We can be blessed to have physical reminders of this perfect love when we realize that everyday moments are not only coincidences but God’s way of being aware of how to teach us individually. God’s gift of grace is not just given in big obvious moments. It is the small daily gifts of grace that are meant to sustain us. When we acknowledge this we can open ourselves up to a relationship with God we never knew possible.

God’s grace comes to us in everyday tangible ways. We can see it in a sunset as we are reminded of His power. We can touch it as we hold a child we were afraid we would never be blessed to love. We can hear it in a song that brings comfort to our weary soul. We can smell it when nostalgia sets in and we are reminded of loved ones when we pass by a familiar scent. We can taste God’s grace when we are the recipient of service from others. Never underestimate the power of a casserole when greatly needed and given by an inspired friend!

I have seen his love for me in the world He created. Recently I drove up a canyon and looked back at the mountain range. It was grand with a meadow of wildflowers set before it that shown in brilliant hues. I was awe struck and moved as I pondered on the fact that God created this perfect scene for me to enjoy. In that moment it was as if God knew how to stop me in my tracks so He could whisper to me “You are equally as amazing!” I felt an incredible self-worth as I felt the Spirit testify to me that I was as magnificent as the breathtaking view I took in.

We can also feel His love in the everyday kindness of others. His servants are here to act in his name. If we recognize the beauty in service we can feel His love and be taught. I have felt this so strongly in what could easily be over looked as coincidence or randomness but all too often this is God’s hand in answering prayers. A calm and reassuring comment from a stranger that lifted my spirit on a hard day. The unexpected visit from a neighbor who felt the need to stop by just to give you a hug. Meals for 2 straight months from friends and neighbors while on bed-rest. These are gifts of love inspired by our Father. We strive to be like Him so we serve others like he would. This example of loving others is one of God’s greatest tools.

I am grateful for His tangible grace. He teaches us in ways that tap on our heart and teach of his love. When we make the effort to look for his grace in our everyday, our eyes and hearts will be open to Him! The grace of God gives us everlasting hope that life is meant to be wonderful!